About Me

Hi! My name is Camillo, and I have a deep love for technology, design and everything related to it. Learning to code and having a deep knowledge of Design principles has been a life dream. Beside building my coding and design skills, I enjoy creating sounds, playing with my synths, and discovering the World around me.

Recognizing the importance of Design/Coding skills in today world, my focus is to develop a strong knowledge of Frontend and Backend practices. My never-ending learning path is evolving toward new frameworks and libraries covering the technical side, the graphical aspect and the UI/UX interaction; Vue.js, Laravel, and modern Javascript had a huge impact in my project experiences. Overall, understanding the influence of Digital Media assets in various fields, creativity and technology are my main area of interest. Next challenges are advanced CSS, SVG and Blockchain development.......I am ready.

Dental Strategy image

Dental Strategy

Project based on Laravel and VueJS. As a team a complete learning management framework was created taking care about the MVC organization. Axios library was used to retrieve data from Laravel API.

Team Canada

Team Canada 72

Group Project with responsabilities on Backend side, including PHP and MySQL. Great experience in building a CMS structure, CRUD handling and Admin structure.



Javascript based example of decentralized Blockchain API. Practicing the main Blockchain structure concepts, and how they can be expressed in Javascript.

Hex to Text Widget

VueJS Hexadecimal Widget

Small widget to translate colours to text. Colours hexadecimal values are converted to text. Use it to hide secrets in your images. Widget is based on HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript and Vue.js

Moog Sub37 Users Club

Moog Sub37 Users Club

Full Stack project, including Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB based authentication, Mocha/Chai testing and SocketIO.



Project part of a team bootcamp; being part of the Web Development side, I could practice use of CSS Grid and CSS3 animation. All the video controls are custom made using vanilla Javascript.

starship_troopers image

Starship Troopers Anniversary

Fronted project involving HTML5 / CSS3 and Javascript. Digital Media assets, including images, prototype, and video are made using Adobe Creative Suite and Cinema4D.

Shape Ambitions image

Shape Ambitions

Frontend branding project. Main goal was to create a brand idea following design principles and color theory.